February 2021

Why you should play crosswords games

Crosswords games trains the brain and keeps memory and concentration active.

Reading definitions and ringing up answers, concentrating and striving to get to the right one: what seems like an elderly hobby (and that young people actually barely know), his majesty the crossword puzzle is actually the most productive thing that can stimulate our brain.

If our mistreated brain is in fact an organ that must always be kept in training through the “gymnastics” that best suit its needs (for which it remains essential to read and use thought positively, for example), it will also be necessary to make it work in the pure sense of finish and dedicate a few minutes a day to crossword puzzles (as well as sudoku or board games). A real cure-all for our brain!


From the “Protect” study, published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry in 2019, in which 19 thousand participants were subjected to cognitive tests to test the level of attention, memory and reasoning, it emerged that people used to play word or number games they got the best score on the test. Indeed, those who habitually solved puzzles proved to have a mental age 10 years younger than the chronological one.

A result that should not suggest that solving crosswords is enough to reduce the risk of senile dementia, as stated by Anne Corbett, lead author of the research, “certainly, however, supports the idea that doing them helps our brain to work better – and for longer! “.

In another study, scientists from the University of Exeter examined various brain skills of more than 17,000 people over the age of 50 using an online test, also asking them if (and how frequently) they devoted themselves to solving crosswords and word games. . The results of the analysis, presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (Aiic), showed that participants who were passionate about puzzles performed better on tests for assessing attention, reasoning and memory. In short, puzzles would be equivalent to an elixir of youth for the mind.

Still another small research, a little less recent, also published in 2014 in Geriatric Psychiatry, was conducted on 37 healthy retirees divided into two groups. The first performed a crossword puzzle every day for four weeks, while the second, the control group, was engaged in different activities: well, the results showed that the people in the first group improved the so-called Phonemic Verbal Fluency (Pfc), a executive function related to the ability to formulate simple strategies, which usually declines during aging and in people with dementia.

The benefits of crosswords

Beyond, therefore, the beautiful pastime that is a crossword puzzle in itself, doing puzzles brings a number of advantages and benefits.

In summary:

It helps keep our thinking and attention skills active
It helps to face and keep the strings of reasoning
Keeps the memory active
Delays cognitive dementia
Sets the goal of a result and gives a sense of gratification
Enriches our vocabulary

Seven key benefits of puzzle solving for adults

There are different puzzle games that everyone of us plays everyday. The question is how much do you really benefit from puzzle solving.

For centuries philosophers have analysed the relationship between puzzle solving and assure an long term impact this has on an individual. The results are remarkable. Is thought that puzzles not only inspire deep thinkers, there is also the reason for several other benefits.

1-Mentally active and fit.

It can be said that puzzles are a great way to keep your mind mentally active and healthy. Puzzles allow your mind to engage in an situation that requires a great deal of thought, concentration and patience. It’s often said that keeping your mind active allows you to feel and be more active and allows you to reduce stress levels and fatigue.

2-Puzzles inspire education

One of the benefits of the puzzle solving for adults is in hearts and skills such as research, critical thinking, cognitive ability and concentration. From working out a puzzle, a crossword or sudoku, logical reasoning needs to be applied. Therefore not only are these puzzles created to be fun and provide entertainment but also inspired education.


There is a huge relationship between puzzles and meditation techniques. As mentioned puzzles invigorate the mind and allows the mind to stay active and healthy. However what puzzles also do is to allow us to relax those brain cells to contemplate solutions. This put our mind in a sort of trance just like meditation. This will allow you to reduce your stress levels, increase productivity and ultimately improve self confidence.

4-Improving IQ

One of the most valuable benefits of puzzle solving for adults is that helps to improve IQ scores. Puzzles are a great way for individual to think about the solutions and it also allows to improve general knowledge, cognitive skills, memory concentration and problem solving.

5-Increase productivity.

Is said hat figuring out the answers to fun puzzles helps to increase productivity levels. Playing games is a great way to subconsciously improve vital skills which all help to improve productivity.

6-Improves cognitive ability.

Puzzles are fantastic for improving visual performance. Children are able to improve their cognitive ability through recognition of shapes, colours and basic patterns. For adults cognitive ability goes beyond the basics of recognition of patterns and allows to more advanced reasoning.


Concentration is a great skill to improve upon as it is a skill requires for everyday life. Puzzles often requires you to think analytically and therefore requires a great deal of attention and patience to come to some conclusion. It’s concentration that allows you to begin a problem and be able to finish it.

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