January 2021

Best Free Puzzle Games for Android

Best Free Puzzle Games for Android


You may have played Sudoku before, but I can assure you that you have never experienced the simple and intuitive interface offered by this game. Solving Sudoku requires concentration and attention, and it does. are the areas that the developers have already focused on to create this game.


Unblock Me

Unblock Me is one of the best free Puzzle games for Android. The game is very simple. Just move the blocks away from the red blocks and remove them from the board. But as you complete the easy levels and start to see yourself as an expert Unlock Me player, surprises await you.

The levels will become difficult and require more use of the brain. You can play this game with your friends and see who is smarter than you. The game can get frustrating at times, but it is really exciting.


Trainyard Express

Les jeux de Puzzles perdent généralement leur essence s’ils sont trop faciles. Les joueurs aiment faire l’expérience d’un nouveau défi à chaque niveau. Trainyard Express est un jeu simple et intéressant, facile à apprendre mais difficile à maîtriser.

Pour jouer à ce jeu, vous devez vous rappeler deux choses. Les trains rouges vont aux gares rouges, les trains bleus aux gares bleues, etc. Ensuite, continuez à dessiner la voie pour eux afin qu’ils puissent atteindre leur destination. Vous n’aurez pas à penser au temps ni à aucun type de score. Utilisez simplement votre cerveau pour trouver une solution aux énigmes. Ceci est l’un des jeux de puzzle lite que vous pouvez jouer sur vos appareils Android.


Two Dots

Two Dots is one of the most addicting Puzzle games for Android. The gameplay involves connecting point to point, sinking anchors, creating a line, creating bombs, fighting fire and more.

This game comes with a beautiful minimalist user interface with relaxing game music and funny sound effects. According to the play store list, it has over 1935 exciting levels. What’s more, you can even challenge your friends on Facebook, beat them and earn medals.



Mekorama is one of the other best free Puzzle games for Android which is about helping a robot. In this game, you will help the robot to pass several mysterious levels. The game will get more difficult with the levels. If you’re interested, you can even design your own levels. The game is addictive and has a great user rating on the Play Store. If you are looking for puzzle games, you must try it.



If you like simple puzzle games like 2048 then try this game too. This is another number-based puzzle game that provides a reason to sit idle for hours. The game has only one rule which you can create 3 only by combining 2 and 1. After that you can move on to another. The game will be over when you are no longer moving. Overall it is an interesting game that you can play on your Android smartphone.

The 5 best free puzzle games for Mac to test your solving skills

The 5 best free puzzle games for Mac to test your solving skills


Customize your game and play a traditional puzzle with Mahjong Free. Start by choosing from 25 background options and a variety of tile styles. So, sit back and enjoy the classic Mahjong gameplay.

Mahjong Free offers options for shuffling tiles, getting hints and undoing the last move. You can start a new game each time or pick up where you left off before. After completing one puzzle, you move on to the next one with a different layout, for a little variety.


Sudoku Epic

Pick a number and click a spot in the fun and challenging Sudoku Epic. This game offers two dimensions of Sudoku with a daily challenge and a Wordoku game. You can also choose your own difficulty level, which is great for experienced players.

Through the game settings, you can enable highlighting of completed sets and duplicate numbers, change the input method, and view a timer. You can even adjust the tile color according to your preferences. Earn stars, complete achievements and enjoy Sudoku Epic for free.

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

If you don’t have good physical puzzles, this Mac option is great. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic lets you choose from categories such as animals, nature, windmills, and lighthouses. After choosing a category, you can select your puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic offers options to rotate and choose the number of puzzle pieces. If your child is playing, you can set it for four pieces. So when it’s your turn, change it into 400 spinning pieces for the ultimate challenge. And for a relaxing experience, the game features soothing background music.


Do not leave any disconnected points or blank cards in Bind. Your goal is to connect dots of the same color by creating a path. Paths cannot overlap, all points must be connected, and blank tiles are not allowed. Achieve these three objectives and move on to the next level.

This puzzle game provides 80 levels in its free version to keep you busy for a while, and each level is harder than the last. Bind has a simple concept you’ve probably seen before, but it still offers a challenge.

2048 Game

Another game that takes planning and brings the numbers to the challenge is 2048 Game. The goal is quite simple… just get to the 2048 tile. But this sliding puzzle is far from easy. You will need strategy, luck and patience to be successful.

You want the same numbered tiles to touch and then combine into a new number. As the digits add up and the number of tiles increases, so does the difficulty to reach that gold number. Use the arrow keys, trackpad or mouse to scroll the numbered tiles up, down, left or right.

If you manage to get to the 2048 tile without filling the board, you will have the right to brag about your friends. But if you can’t, see how high you can score.